To good to be true?

Some time/years ago, I misplaced my 1” drill used to  create the recess for baseboard joining dowels.

Recently, while browsing a large internet retailer’s website, in amongst the plethora of metric sized drills, I found a set of three flat wood drill bits in 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” sizes according to the description. All for the princely sum of £2.53 including postage.The size could be read on the drills, so the order was placed. A couple of days later the order arrived with the packaging proclaiming it included 1/2” (13mm), 3/4” (19mm) and 1” (25mm) drill bits. Not quite so impressed!

Checking with a micrometer didn’t help much either

1/2”.            0.545”.         13.87mm

3/4”.            0.774”.         19.67mm

1”.               0.991”.          25.18mm

In use, the 1” bit produces a recess that is a firm fit for the dowels, with no slop whatsoever.  Impressed again. Whether an 85p drill bit is up to making the 12 recesses required remains to be seen.


Author: Ian Norman

Modelling railways for nearly 50 years. Currently modelling part of a forgotten Edinburgh railway terminus in the late 1950s, early 60s.

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