Nearly round the bend

As indicated previously, I’ve recently taken an (enforced) break from the electrical side of things. Taking advantage of “summer”, and some temporary free floor space resulting in a partial tidy of the garage, work has commenced on the first of two scenic extension boards. This carries most of the Morrison St / Gardner’s Crescent bridge. Not wanting an obvious baseboard joint down the length of the road, a piece of 9mm ply was cut to shape, before being abandoned as slightly heavy. It has since been replaced with 3mm styrene, which hopefully will have sufficient bracing and support to prevent it flexing. If not, it’s back to the ply! It’s still early days, but it does have promise as a stand alone photo diorama for stock, and captures the atmosphere of the location

Must remember to hover before taking photos! The building facing Morrison St gives an indication of the view blocker between the two parts of tha layout. The Wills girder bridge is tighter for span length than I though, but possibly ok still. Track omitted from the remaining two goods lines until it can be properly aligned on the next board.

When the ‘new’ Prince Street Station was built, the bridge was extended, and the main lines lowered approx 6ft. The arched bridges over what would become the goods lines, where replaced by girders for roughly the first 25ft of their length. On the model, the main lines are 18mm lower, and the gradient starts just outside the bridge. At this stage, it most be admitted that trying to properly align the goods yard roads without having the second board to Grove St bridge in place, isn’t the easiest thing to do, and does increase the priority to get the timber to get on with that too. Owing to baseboard width constraints, the goods road nearest the edge of the board doesn’t progress far under the bridge, although this is disguised quite well by the angles of the bridge and track.

Photos of the prototype can be viewed at the following links. The end of the baseboard is roughly where the signal is.

Take care and stay safe.



Author: Ian Norman

Modelling railways for nearly 50 years. Currently modelling part of a forgotten Edinburgh railway terminus in the late 1950s, early 60s.

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