That’ll do nicely….

Almost ironically, after the initial lockdowns had finished for some time, my workload focus came to an unplanned stop due to a shortage. Of wood! Three subsequent visits to my local DIY “Superstore” indicate the situation isn’t getting significantly better, and although some materials have been obtained on most visits, a level of compromise has been necessary to complete baseboards and maintain progress.

The second of the two boards that cover the section between Morrison Street and Grove Street bridges has been built and the scenics commenced . Preparatory work on the buildings and structures for these two boards has been completed. Like the main boards, a degree of compromise has been required, relating here to managing the six road exit from the scenic portion for connection to a possible mini fiddleyard will in the garage. This is in keeping with my intention that the model I’m building is an interpretation that captures the character of the location. That is more important than a scale model that doesn’t.

Looking west from Morrison St towards Grove St. Gardners Crescent is in the foreground. Additional support in the form of rectangular box section was required where the cross girders would have been to prevent the bridge insert bending over the running lines when attempting to remove the bridge
The old paint? factory on Grove St positioned to check ground levels and overall proportion for location. Point-work locations for the goods yard point-work between the two bridges. In the real world, the factory has been replaced by a hotel.
The additional strengthening to prevent bending when removing the bridge, before the wood supports for the retaining wall were cut to size.
Far too tidy to be my work area! A good friend volunteered to make the safety railings for the top of the retaining wall between goods and passenger sides of the station and approaches. Complete with the different styles of post used. This is an early view of progress while the best construction methods were being developed

Take care and stay safe

Author: Ian Norman

Modelling railways for nearly 50 years. Currently modelling part of a forgotten Edinburgh railway terminus in the late 1950s, early 60s.

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