Keep on running (in)

From a modellers perspective, the one thing Princes St lacks is small, quick, interesting bits of work that make a visual difference. They can probably be counted on one hand, and I’d still have several fingers left over.

One such item is the running in board situated toward the end of one of the platforms. I’d been delaying this as there was little in photos to scale its size from, and I hadn’t seen one turn up on eBay (hoping the seller would declare its size), and was unable to find any information on the internet. In time honoured fashion, I asked some friends.

Who didn’t know! The only guess was possibly 2’6” high. A photo then turned on showing top and bottom edges and the platform signal ladder. Projecting the edges back indicated roughly 3 1/3 ladder rungs. With Gibson signal ladders, this equals 2’6”. One dimension down. The internet does contain information regarding BR Gill Sans font, including an indication os sizes for medium size lettering. Applying this to “Princes Street” suggests a likely length of 7’. Mock ups of the text were created in Inkscape, using white letters on a blue background, so that when printed on photo paper, only the blue would print, leaving the white paper as the text.

test sample in 6’, 7’ and 8’ lengths. The 7’ and 8’ lengths have the spacing between B and U increased to better reflect the original. Printed using a HP Officejet 5740 home printer.

The frame and mountings are made from 1mm brass and 0.31mm nickel silver rods, the lighting unit brackets from scrap etch and the light units from plastic strips.

The final board will be slightly longer to lose the gap between it and the frame, and will be fitted after painting the frame. The droopy light fitting reflects the prototype. The legs may need trimming before mounting in the platform, some of the mounting bolts through the legs need a bit mor reduction, and there looks like some solder still to be removed that was missed.

Back to the larger more time consuming stuff again now……

Author: Ian Norman

Modelling railways for nearly 50 years. Currently modelling part of a forgotten Edinburgh railway terminus in the late 1950s, early 60s.

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